New “The Chapel Guide Series” Booklet

Praying The Our Father

Published on 15th June 2017
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“Lord, teach us how to pray’.
Luke 12:1

We’ve just added a new booklet to our ‘The Chapel Guide Series’ set.

BOOKLET3-smallLike the disciples, at times we too may find it difficult to pray, so just like they did, we ask Jesus ‘Teach us how to pray’ (Luke 12:1). His answer was the prayer of the ‘Our Father’, but is easy to simply recite this well-known prayer without giving it much thought. This new booklet, the 3rd in the set,  helps us unpack the ‘Our Father’ into eight prayerful meditations.



These booklets, like the two before it, are available for free at The Chapel and have been prepared both in English and Maltese.

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