Sneak Peek

An informative meeting about ACTS

Published on 4th May 2017
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Have you ever felt the desire to share with others the difference God brought into your life, but never found the occasion?

Or maybe you may wish to be involved more in the evangelisation of young people!

ACTS is a great opportunity for you.

As a team, we at ACTS understand that whilst you may find this evangelisation project interesting, you might know very little about it.

So, we’re organising SNEAK PEEK, an informative meeting for all those who might consider joining the ACTS team in the coming year or even later on.

Date: Thursday 18th May at 7pm
Venue: The Convent, Pieta

You can bring your friends with you.

“ACTS felt like home… I felt comfortable from the very beginning.” Cristina Camilleri

“For me ACTS was an oasis in the desert.” Nicky Portelli

“ACTS gave me a boost in my spiritual life.” Lizzie Gauci

“A chance to get to know better myself and to seriously think about my future.” Clive Seychell