Our Mission

Youth Fellowship is a Catholic ministry to young adults, youth and teens based in Malta since 1987. Our mission is to reach out to others by sharing the love and truth that God has revealed in Jesus Christ. We believe and give witness to the fact that God’s grace, mercy and truth have the power to profoundly effect all those who welcome it in their lives.

Our Vision

To achieve our mission, Youth Fellowship’s vision is to remain faithful to the unchanging message of the Gospel and to present it clearly and dynamically in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

We are committed to using new methods for sharing the Good News and the Catholic faith which reflect the times we live in and the society we form part of.

Through various events and in a variety of ways, the Youth Fellowship community is engaged in sharing the basic gospel message (evangelisation), to helping people grow in the Spirit (spirituality), to teaching the Catholic faith (catechesis and bible study), to providing a welcoming place to grow (community) and to  equipping youths to serve Jesus in the Church (apostolate).

Sharing God’s unchanging love and truth

How do we achieve this vision?

Youth Fellowship’s evangelistic initiatives take various forms. To help people grow spiritually the ministry organises regular prayer meetings on Saturday for young adults and for Teens on Fridays, animates Youth Masses, provides personal spiritual companionship and offers support and prayers for healing.

To teach the faith Youth Fellowship provides teachings on a wide range of topics in its various prayer meetings, it holds Bible Study courses in small groups and organises in an annual youth pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

The ongoing large group gathering, as well as the numerous small groups (cenacoli), together with various youth events offer fellowship and a sense of belonging and community to those who attend.

Through various teams and ministries, Youth Fellowship also trains young leaders and provides various opportunities for those who wish to serve the Lord and be involved in its various teams.

Who is behind Youth Fellowship?

Youth Fellowship is the main ministry of the Cenacolo Community, a Catholic lay community which was established in 1992. Although the Community is involved in various ministries, its particular vocation to youth remains its prime focus.

Rooted first of all in the member’s own prayer life, the Community is the place where caring and covenanted relationships amongst members, including families, are nurtured and encouraged.

Each member is encouraged to help each other grow in love and holiness. From this, one can better live the vocation to actively be involved, support and contribute to the mission of the Community as part of the Church. Thus the members all form part of one team or another.

Recognised as a Private Association of the Faithful by the Archdiocese of Malta, the Cenacolo Community strives to live by its ‘Core Values’ as a Catholic lay community involved in the apostolate of the Church.
Visit http://tabgha.org.mt for more information about the Cenacolo Community.

The Service Team is the team responsible for the immediate organisation and animation of  the Youth Fellowship meetings and events. It comprises 40 youth who dedicate their time and energy to meeting, praying, planning and implementing the group’s events.

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