2 Mar 2022
This article builds upon the previous one: Meant For Lent #2 :: Fast with Intent  Forgive us our debts, as we […]
28 Feb 2022
This article builds upon the previous one: Meant For Lent #1 :: Pray Everyday  Fasting has always been a particularly difficult […]
27 Feb 2022
Lent is a time to get closer to God. We take on certain practices with greater depth during this time […]
17 Mar 2021
  Next week, we’ll be launching our Online Eżerċizzi Series called ‘NAMED: Not If but Because’. Over three sessions, our […]
This Lent, we’ve started a couple of started a couple of online initiatives to keep us connected and help us in this time and in our preparation for Easter.
26 Nov 2020
  This Saturday we have a Youth Fellowship meeting with a difference! Join us as we launch the Advent Season, […]
14 Aug 2020
During this time of social-distancing, crowd-avoiding, outdoor-only-activity, we’ve lauched a series of videos called ‘Focus’  on our social media. We […]
26 Apr 2020
Sometimes we manage to wake energized up ready to take on the new day but other times we struggle to […]
5 Mar 2020
God = Joy Nowadays, increasingly fewer youth would associate God with the satisfaction of a lavish meal and the pleasure […]
26 Feb 2020
The world of medicine is scrambling to find the vaccine to treat coronavirus and rightly so. In the meantime, amidst […]