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Named - Not If but Because

Published on 17th March 2021
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Next week, we’ll be launching our Online Eżerċizzi Series called ‘NAMED: Not If but Because’. Over three sessions, our guest speaker, Fr Brendan, will delve deeper into this topic – that we are seen and known by a God who not only knows us by name, but in whom we can find our identity. Keeping with this theme, some of our team members will also be sharing their personal experiences related to this.

If you kept updated with our short series ‘Islanders’ which we launched over summer, you’ll be seeing them again for a special feature in one of the sessions! Two of our bands – Pilgrim&King and Vine, will also be accompanying us throughout the sessions.

We really hope you’ll join us for this year’s edition of Eżerċizzi – stay tuned for more on our social media pages!

Eżerċizzi premiere on Monday 22nd at 17:30 on our Facebook page.