Starting Strong

Published on 26th April 2023
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Sometimes we manage to wake energized up ready to take on the new day but other times we struggle to get out of bed at the sound of that blaring alarm. We can agree however that our thoughts and actions during those first few minutes can easily set the tone for the rest of our day.

Getting jarred out of a deep slumber, and immediately scrolling through social media, checking the news or mentally going through our to-do list can easily set us up for a day brimming with fatigue and crankiness.

What if we were to start our day speaking to God before anything else?

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice.
Psalms 5:3

Here are some practical tips to start off our day stronger.

Pray a simple prayer

You can start by speaking to God about anything, like a simple prayer of praise or placing any worries at his feet or praying the Our Father.

Read a Bible verse

Listen to His Word in a short Bible verse and note anything that stands out or speaks to you.

Think about anything God has to show you

Spend a minute or two in refelection about what you have just read. Maybe it is just a reminder of God’s love and faithfulness, or maybe you may feel him nudge you to take some action during the day, like encouraging a friend or forgiving someone.

Ask God to help you through this day

Thank Him for his love and presenece in your life and paying special attention to anything you may have heard God speak to you, ask for His help to apply His Word during your day.