The Journey of Advent

Published on 2nd December 2018
Advent and Christmas, Articles
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There are many signs along the way that we all recognise letting us know that Christmas is close. Decorations start to show up, holiday advertising is everywhere, shops wear their ‘Christmas look’, Christmas jingles can be heard around every corner and our social calendar is jam-packed. All telling us to get ourselves ready for the ‘big day’.

Our Destination

None of these are necessarily wrong in themselves when they do not get in the way of our commitment to walk with God. But they are only just small reminders of what we are really celebrating during this season. Advent is the time we remember Jesus, the Christ child who came to live among us, the Light of the World who has opened up the way for us to be with Him in heaven.

That is why Emmanuel, (God with Us) came, so that we will be with Him. But this is an invitation of love and is not imposed on us. It is every day that we need to renew our response.

With us through the Journey

He is still here among us today, during the journey – in prayer we connect with Him, in repentance we turn to him, in the Eucharist we receive Him, in the Scriptures we listen to Him and in our neighbour we serve Him. So let us make the best of this time of Advent to welcome him into our daily lives as we slowly but surely make our way to our ultimate destination.