SEVEN 2018 Experiences

Published on 30th November 2018
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by Michael Vella, Leader and Co-ordinator of SEVEN and member of the Youth Ministry Service Team.

Our eighth edition of SEVEN came to a conclusion last Tuesday. Over 350 young people signed up for the course that once again helped answer many questions related to our faith and how it gives sense to our lives.

The culmination happened during the 3 day residential weekend-away titled ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ during which the participants had the opportunity to personally experience what had been spoken of during the rest of the sessions; God’s Fatherly love for each and every one of us.

Many gave testimony to the loving, healing and life-giving Presence of the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit which they experienced for themselves during this weekend.


Here’s what some of the participants had to say about their experience of SEVEN…..

“Most beautiful & eye-opening experience; the best decision I have made”

“I felt God for the first time in my life”

“God’s Presence was truly felt; a changing experience”

“A fulfilling experience which brought me closer to God; one which will definitely not be forgotten”

“Lit a fire in my heart; an experience I hope I will never forget”
Ena Marie

“Finding God and realizing that life is worth living”

“I never thought this course will would effect me like it did; I felt closer to God and started to connect more with Him”

“Got to experience God’s love and understand His plan for me”

“Best experience of my life; completely changed the way I pray and look at God”

“I felt the touch of God in a special Way”

“Felt an explosion of love in my heart; I was ‘re-born’. The Best experience of my life.”

“Helped me realise what I was missing in my life – looking forward to the journey ahead”

“A course that should be experienced by everyone”