30th November 2012

Don’t be Found in Spiritual Pyjamas

Stay Awake! Keep watch! Be prepared! These are the key ‘non-Christmassy’ words we find in the mass Advent readings. The message is that we are not to become spiritually lazy or distracted from the most important aspect of our life: being in a right relationship with God and doing his will.

Yet in the run up to Christmas you would be forgiven for thinking that we are to do the very opposite: presents, decorations, staff parties, holidays and so on. None of these are necessarily wrong in themselves when they do not compromise our commitment to walk with God and in His ways. But they are hardly what celebrating Christmas is all about.

Advent in a sense is like a wake up call – that is why the readings are full of warnings about keeping our interior focus on the Light of the Word who has opened up the way for us to be with Him in heaven. That is why Emmanuel (God with Us) came, so we will be with Him for eternity. But this is an invitation of love and is not imposed on us. And it is everyday that we need to renew our response. That is why cultivating a healthy life of consistent prayer is so very important,

So off with our spiritual pyjamas because for all of us Jesus’ Second Coming is for sure – either at our death or at the end of the world if we are still alive then. What happens to me and to you then will depend on how we welcome Him in His First Coming. He is still here amongst in us – in prayer we connect with Him, in repentance we turn to him, in the Eucharist we receive Him, in the Scriptures we listen to Him and in our neighbour we serve Him. These are the things we should seek to be doing this Advent!


  1. Andrew Bugeja

    True, He is close ! Thanks Andrew, God bless you.

  2. Matthew Gauci

    Also, amalgamated with this week’s ‘end of days’ theme. Happy Christmas all.

    “Be ready for whatever comes, dressed for action and with your lamps lit, like servants who are waiting for their master to come back from a wedding feast. When he comes and knocks, they will open the door for him at once.  How happy are those servants whose master finds them awake and ready when he returns! I tell you, he will take off his coat, have them sit down, and will wait on them. How happy they are if he finds them ready, even if he should come at midnight or even later! And you can be sure that if the owner of a house knew the time when the thief would come, he would not let the thief break into his house. And you, too, must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you are not expecting him.” Luke 12:35-40

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