8th December 2012

The Experience of SEVEN 2012

Seven, one step closer to heaven” is one of the numerous Facebook comments posted by a young man who has just completed the SEVEN course and Weekend. Now in its second consecutive year with over 250 people in attendance, SEVEN has once again been instrumental in helping many youths ‘make sense of it all’.

However a good marriage preparation course does not make a marriage work in and of itself. In the same way this programme is just a way to help people who are seeking or wanting to deepen their relationship with God, come to a new experience of faith. The SEVEN weekend in particular was great. In the words of one of the attendees ‘The most amazing thing in life to feel and experience the presence of God!

And all the praise and glory go to Him. He is the one who is searching for us, He is the one who enables us to enter a personal relationship with Him as members of His Church, He is the one who reveals His love and truth.

So enjoy reading the short testimonies below … and remember that SEVEN will be running again some time in the near future so keep in touch if you wish to attend!

Here’s what people who came to SEVEN said about it:

It answered many of my questions I doubted. It helped me enrich my faith.

Very enriching. Talks are very informative and help explain doubts and questions in detail.

It was a very enlightening experience and I was able to share my experiences and questions with young people who have the same goals as me and who also wish to deepen their relationship with God

The questions and topics were very well tackled, the small group talks and discussions were very effective, well done. Best atmosphere ever!

It was very life changing in a positive way. It is really indescribable how the Holy Spirit comes into you and makes you feel so full of joy and peace.

The Seven course did make a big difference in my life, the whole Q&A system worked out well for me.

An important step in my life to get closer to God. An unforgettable experience! Will recommend it!

It was a nourishing experience, was the water to my faith, fertiliser to my spirituality.

Fulfilled my expectations. Good opportunity to make us closer to God.

Great experience, especially suitable for youths.

The experience of the Seven weekend was splendid and it gave tranquillity. I am very glad to have received healing also. The songs touched my heart.

Weekend was a great experience, organised and entertaining at the same time.

The weekend completes Seven. It helps you put into practice what we hear in the talks. Being part of a large group greatly helps and encourages you to open your heart to God. It’s a kick start to one’s relationship with God.

Very educational, felt that I relearnt a lot of things (the correct way this time!). Greatly appreciated the various practical tips in helping me to pray. Very helpful leaders.

I really enjoyed the course as it helped me to get to know God better. I was always looking to every Tuesday.

It was an unforgettable experience which I recommend and suggest to everyone.

I never thought I could take so much from just seven sessions. The Q&A format was very ideal for youths who have doubts, who have given up, who want to give it one last shot. I’m sure it came in the right time for so many. The talks were truthful and so alive. I honestly could not have asked for more.

It was a wonderful experience. I found and learned much about the discussion regarding the joy of God love. In other words very fruitful and helpful experience.

It was really great. The talks were generally to the point and well delivered. I enjoyed all of them.

Felt God’s true love – needed this so much, didn’t get that feeling in a long time. Thanks everyone for everything. Just went through a tough breakup in my life and Seven helped me so much in getting through this rough patch…

I felt a sense of happiness which I was longing for. The Seven weekend was well organised and it touched all people, even those that are still trying to understand God.

Truly a pitstop experience. Helped me to get in touch with God in some aspects and areas of my life. Main highlight was the confession and healing service on Saturday.

Helped me pray like never before. It was a build up for the weekend. It was the peak and I experience the presence of the Lord, a feeling of inner peace.

Awesome! Enjoyed every single minute of it. A weekend not to forget. Good, friendly atmosphere and also excellent on spiritual level.

Amazing experience! It’s a date with God.

Very great course to attend. Answered quite a lot of questions. Loved the small group conversation. An absolute beautiful amazing weekend. Great people and environment, Youth Fellowship changed me.

I think the Seven course was very well organised. It provided a step by step guide to getting closer to God. Its climax during the weekend.
Jean Paul

I did several attempts at trying to improve my faith and only none had worked, so when I applied for Seven I was quite sceptic (I thought that it was going to be this usual bible-reading boring sessions), but it turned out to be completely the opposite. So so many questions I had were answered during this course. Tuesday evening became a day I would have been waiting for the whole week – something I think about every day at many different times. It was a life changing experience and I cannot wait for 72! Thank you so much Youth Fellowship!

Definitely changed my whole concept of life and thanks to the weekend I’ve started a spiritual journey.

Its indescribable. The love of God I felt, filled my heart so much that I know just want to know more and more the love of God and His word. Making sense of it all is really the perfect title. You to experience to understand it.

Happiness that cannot be replaced.

The course was really good, filled with great talks, resources and well led cell groups.

Very interesting topic. Very professional approach and very organised as well. Amazing people :) Love the idea of cell groups.

I became more convinced of what I believe in. I also strengthened my faith and made my relationship with God stronger. Very well organised.

The best decision I ever took, so very worth it.

Great course to revisit the basics and correct our misconceptions and build a good foundation for a spiritual life and community.

Simply cannot put into words but feelings and experiences. It was also fun, especially the games night, but not as great as the healing I had, both spiritually and physically.

What a change!! I wasn’t going to attend the weekend, but I don’t regret my decision due to that change that happened within. It wasn’t just an encounter, but a way to look in God’s eyes and knowing that His love is flawless and endless. If life was a total mess, now its one full of true love, faith and with God’s tight hand holding me to His hug and life.

A thrilling experience which passed too quickly. I also had the chance to make new friends and was amazed at the fact that everyone welcomed me to the group.

Very pleasant experience and enjoyable. Very informative and helpful. Looking forward to other sessions!