Come and See :: Part 1

Look Again

Published on 14th January 2018
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When was the last time someone enthusiastically told you to ‘Come and See’ something? What can be so new and exciting?

These words are heard at the beginning of John’s Gospel. They are an invitation, an appointment none of us would want to miss.

Read: John 1:35-42


The Lamb of God

In this passage once again John the Baptist appears. He is sending an indirect invitation to all of us: ‘Look, See the Lamb of God’. In other words, ‘Guys, go after him’.

His disciples knew that by ‘The Lamb of God’ John was not referring to a docile, fluffy animal. They knew that by giving Him this title, John was saying that Jesus was the answer to one of man’s most profound needs and desires: to be forgiven and loved!


Looking and Seeing

Many of us have heard John the Baptist in our lives: school, catechism lessons, parents, meetings. Possibly we ‘looked’ but didn’t necessarily ‘see’. But the Lord still uses many things again in our life to attract our attention so that we might heed the invitation.

So we need to stop and ask ourselves: who or what may be urging me to ‘go and see’? A person, a friend, a difficult moment in my life? Why not thank Him for this now?