Youth Arise Conference in Poland

Published on 3rd August 2016
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Last week, a group of around 45 people attended a conference held by Youth Arise International in Poland, joining many other Catholics from around the world. The experience was one of great joy and deeper discovery of God’s love and the universality of our Catholic Church.

This trip to Poland has truly been an amazing experience of seeing people from all around the world praising God and seeking to know Him more. Getting to spend a week together with amazing friends and getting to know each other more was a massive blessing :D

It was such a great experience, both in terms of community as well as spiritually. It was so nice to be around like-minded and like-hearted people almost 24/7. The sense of prayer at times during the conference really moved me to be more prayerful in my daily routine.

poland1Poland was an amazing and memorable experience, I truly saw how God works through everything and in everything for us to know Him more. Through this experience I feel like I was able to grow both spiritually and as a person; I got a new thirst to know God and to want to go deeper in my relationship with him and it has also helped me truly come into myself and not limit myself but have the courage to grow in Him! Most amazing experience!!’

A wake up call that He really is present to us everywhere.
Speechless at the unbelievable sacrifices people all over the world make to follow the Lord and to gather praise the one & only mighty God.


poland2Poland was an amazing experience that reminded me how you can never know too much about God, there are always things to learn. Apart from that it opened my eyes to how universal the Church is!
This trip was also amazing because I was able to experience beautiful places with amazing friends, and also making new ones along the way!!
I thank God for this great experience that has brought me closer to Him and to new people who can help me on my journey of faith!

A new experience of sharing the Catholic faith with other youths from around the world. The fact that we managed to pray at the same time with different languages showed the greatness of our God. Learning that beyond the world of fear and terrorism we are living, there are youths who are getting to know the Lord and sharing their faith.

Poland for me was the spiritual boost I needed. I really managed to not only build a better relationship with God, but also with the people who were with us. It was a week I definitely won’t forget!





One of our bands, Pilgrim and King was also invited to perform in an open-air concert and in a number of sessions during the conference itself.

It was a totally unexpected trip!! As soon as we set foot into the tent on Friday morning, God started His work in me and through me! I began to sing, dance, smile, cry, praise, until finally we set foot on stage for the first mass and felt the beginning of an anointing experience for Pilgrim&King. I believe the whole team, starting from the leaders, the band, and the teens were vital for this trip! Everybody played a massive role and this cannot go unnoticed!
Thank you Jesus for this opportunity to serve You, to glorify You and to celebrate You!! Lots of love.

pkOur trip to Poland was rewarding on many levels. I must say that the entire group itself was a dynamic and energetic group, so full of life and always ready to interact with each other and support one another. As a worship team, Pilgrim & King had this wonderful opportunity to serve in a different context, among so many different nationalities, and the encouragement we received really helped motivate the team, so we look forward to what future holds! Finally, it’s always a great experience when people from all over the world come together with that common goal of encountering God in a new and deeper way… I’m sure we will all reap much fruit from this trip.

pk2Poland was such a great experience. It was so encouraging to see vibrant catholic youths from all over the world come together for the same vision. It was also so exciting to sing and worship with Pilgrim&King in front of large crowds, leading these youths into congregational prayer and worship. As a team, we felt that the positive feedback was so encouraging and pushes us to new and exciting things in the future.

The YAI conference was a special time of unity for all of us. We experienced what it means to be full of joy when worshipping and praising the Lord as one community of different nationalities and one faith. On a personal note I appreciated worship in our Cenacolo Community more deeply and in a renewed way – a blessing and privilege for all of us.