Welcome to the new youthfellowship.org!

Published on 25th July 2015
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Welcome to the new youthfellowship.org! :)

During the last 12 months youthfellowship.org had 13,000+ Users visiting and over 51,000+ Pageviews and we’re now glad to be able to offer this new and fresh re-design which makes it much easier to find and read all the content.

New User Experience

One of the main aims of this re-design was to focus on the content and remove any clutter and distractions… as a result of this all the sidebars are all gone, the fonts are much clearer to allow for better legibility and also the images are bigger (we all love big images!).

New content

There are also a few new sections which we are launching today! Just to mention a few…


These will feature stories from Youth Fellowship and our ministries. We’re launching with Nadine’s story from her six weeks in Ethiopia and Maurizio’s journey to finding peace. More to be added in the coming weeks.

Are you new?

This section is great for new people! Here you will find the basics about Youth Fellowship, our Locations and some Frequently Asked Questions. Share with your friends...


Quickly get directions to all of our locations and can even load it through your Maps App!


We’d love to hear from you! Write a comment below, send us an email or get in touch through Facebook. Also, feel free to share the new youthfellowship.org with your friends and family!
Looking forward to more new releases in the coming months…
Matt and Stef