27th November 2014

The people ate and were satisfied

The experience of SEVEN 2014

The people ate and were satisfied
(Mark 8:8)

Seven is like a soft drink, it’s sweet and satisfying, yet the more you drink, the more you get thirsty. These were words of Mark, one of the 350 participants in this year’s SEVEN Course. The goal of the course is to help the young people attending to embark on a journey of finding or deepening their relationship with God.

So it was a great joy to our Team to hear the testimonies of the many people who attended the course, especially those who came to the SEVEN weekend. It was truly an amazing experience as once again we witnessed how deeply the Lord touched the participants lives, how He spoke to us and brought a new freedom and joy to our lives.

In the Bible we read of a miracle which I’m sure we are all familiar with. Crowds had followed Jesus into the wilderness to hear Him speak but it gets very late and the people are hungry. Jesus intends to feed them by multiplying the 7 loaves and 2 fish:

He told the crowd to sit down on the ground. When he had taken the seven loaves and given thanks, he broke them and gave them to his disciples to set before the people, and they did so.
Mark 8:6

What is the first miracle here? what would a multitude of hungry, excited, worried men and women do when they are hungry and realised they had no food? I doubt if it would be to sit down! So long as they remained standing there was a chance that they would feed themselves: a friend who had some extra might pass by, maybe an unexpected hawker who would try and capitalise on the situation by selling some bread at a high price; or maybe they should leave to rush home and get dinner sorted , but the children are crying now. Amazingly they obey Jesus and instead they sat down and trusted to be fed – and satisfied they were!

This story may be applied for what happened to many hearts in SEVEN ‘The people ate and were satisfied” Mark 8:8. Why? Because God spoke to their hearts and in His grace invited them to allow themselves to be fed and touched by His Word, His Mercy, His Healing and to be filled again with the Presence and power of his Holy Spirit.

Here are just a few of the testimonies from this year’s course. 

Seven weekend was inspirational, it was very well-prepared and fun, It was the step that needed to take to come closer to God – Rachel

Not that I do drugs, but this is different kind of ‘drug’ with amazing results. – Michael

I have recognised God as my father. I became thirsty to grow deeper in Him. I will to continue to serve Him. – Ivana

Was a very fulfilling experience and most of all, an eye-opener, which helped me get in touch with myself and start experiencing the love of God – Julian

Seven has really changed me and made me look at God, the Bible, the church differently. I feel I am reborn again and I encourage everyone who is lost and maybe who has doubts like I did to do this course, especially the weekend because it is life changing – Emmeline

A great experience, both 7 and 7-weekend with very interesting talks and small group discussion – Steve

Amazing experience, the talks were very reflective and deep. The Q&A session in the weekend was very very helpful. Games were amazing as well. Loved it – Amy

It’s an experience that changed my life and can start looking from a different perspective. – Alan

A great experience where you have the opportunity to have a personal encounter with God as a father, an older brother and a best friend. Great organisation – Mario

Seven was the wisest choice I could make. I connected to Jesus’ wifi for 3 days, a connection I want to keep through my life, because God showed me that he is always there for me, providing me with high connectivity all the time. – Jessica

A life changing experience that showed me what the real priority in my life is. God! Nothing else may make sense, but he does! – John

“The best is yet to come” – that was the theme of this weekend but for me it was not just a theme but realty. It was an amazing experience where I had the opportunity to shut the world out and work on finding peace in God’s hands – Janelle

It was a fantastic experience. After so many years where I felt God was so far away, and could feel his presence hugging me. Thanks to all the people involved in organising this course. You did a great job! – Sonia

Seven was eye opening. It reminded me of how special I am to God and when I managed to surrender everything to Him, I felt like I was ten kilos lighter, happier. I thought I knew God, I started my walk long time ago, but this was completely on another level! God is great! – Ruth

Too good for words. Love and peace that can only come from God. So encouraging to see many youth on one place expressing a desire to come close to God to have a personal relationship with Jesus. – Christina

Hearing about the 7 weekend before is one thing, experiencing it during and after the weekend is a completely different thing. Indeed those who encouraged us to join were right and thank them for their encouragement. – Robert

This course has helped me bring out the best in me-something which was hidden before – Diane

Mind blowing. – Luken

The weekend was like one of my best counselling sessions but times hundred – Sandra Zammit

Simply amazing, well worth the wait… Isaac

7 was already my favourite as a number, after attending this course, which I’m so glad to have done, it became even more of a favourite number for me. I can easily explain my experience attending the weekend with so many words, but I’d be writing all day, so two words to sum it all, LUCKY and PROUD. Would like to thank all involved who made it possible. – John Paul

Lasts longer than a weekend – Christine