The Holy Land Youth Pilgrimage

Published on 17th September 2016
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“The Bible came alive, and more than that, the desire to know more and to delve deeper into the Bible grew. The more I allowed Jesus to speak to me, the greater was the desire to know Him.”

A group of 43 people have just returned from our annual 10 day pilgrimage in the Holy Land. Over the ten days, every person on the pilgrimage has been impacted in their own way. Here is a collection of the various experiences.

To many, seeing the sites where Jesus lived, taught, died and rose again gave the Bible a new dimension in their lives.

Israel is an experience every follower of Jesus should do. It brings the words of the Bible to life and helps in understanding better what really happened in this beautiful land – where God wore humanity over His divinity.
Ruth Cassar

israel16-pic4It was as if I entered into a picture Bible but the difference is that the illustrations were alive! It was a snapshot of our daily lives. It was a pilgrimage in a family atmosphere and the leaders took great care to explain and make the experience one of the best.
Katya Sacco

The scriptures came alive and I feel closer to God. I loved mostly the quiet times of prayer far from the daily stress that tends to steal away my peace. Thank you Lord Jesus for choosing me to go to Israel.
Corinne Chetcuti

I describe this pilgrimage as an ‘almost too good to be true’ experience where the Word come even more alive manifested in a land called Israel.
Matthew Caruana

Israel was more than I expected in a very different way. The Bible came alive, and more than that, the desire to know more and to delve deeper into the Bible grew. The more I allowed Jesus to speak to me, the greater was the desire to know Him. It was a true life changer.
Vanessa Callus

It’s a pilgrimage that changes my spiritual self, giving life to the Word of God. Put in simple terms, it’s like watching a movie after having read the book. Reading the Bible again after watching the movie is never the same. The highlight for me was the adoration at Gethsamane (Church of all Nations) Being one with Christ’s pain, loneliness, suffering and passion. It was also well organised and great fun.
Gianluca Bezzina

Visiting the Holy Land on a pilgrimage is a lifetime experience. You can puzzle up the pieces together when you read the Bible and when you see real authentic places. I wished to visit Israel so much but why wish when you can pray! Unforgettable!
Ruth Farrugia

This pilgrimage was a beautiful experience. I experienced God’s love and providence in a very tangible way. It also affirmed the fact that I really need to cling on to Him no matter what I am going through.
Maria Scicluna

Words are difficult to explain how amazing the experience of the Holy Land has been. It’s the second time in my life (the first was being part of ACTS in 2004) when I would have regretted had I missed it! Sharing this with my wife was also very special.
Matthew Sammut

The experience was mind and heart blowing! It was more than I asked for. This is because God has spoken to me and in many ways and forms. Existing relationships have grown stronger and new relationships have been blessed. Sharing experiences, prayers and testimonies with others have without any doubt helped me.
Etienne Fenech

This was my seventh time in Israel! The pilgrimage in the Holy Land helps me to grow deeper in my personal relationship with the Lord. It is a privilege to visit the Lord where Jesus lived, walked, healed the sick and performed many miracles. A must do! It helped me also to enrich my faith… Highly recommended….
Alfio Catania

I traveled to many amazing countries, however this one not only captured my heart but also my soul (spiritual). I will never forget this mind blowing experience.
Fabian Debono

My experience is hard to put into words: it was beyond amazing: everything I needed and more!

My two strongest experiences were in Nazareth and Jerusalem. In Nazareth at the house of Mary where Mary said “yes” to doing God’s will. Amongst the noise it seemed that God wanted me to confirm my desire to do His will.
Christina Manara