SEVEN 2016 Experiences

Published on 5th December 2016
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by Michael Vella, co-ordinator of SEVEN

Another very blessed edition of SEVEN came to an end last Tuesday 29th November right after the SEVEN weekend held at the Salini Resort called ‘The Best is Yet to Come’. As some of the comments below will attest, this year’s course and weekend helped the participants experience God’s great love and His unchanging truths in a new, personal and meaningful way. Undoubtedly, this journey of faith within the context of a prayerful and welcoming community helped to bear the fruit that it did. We are ever so grateful to God who never ceases to surprise us.

A life changing experience.

SEVEN was my bridge towards God and a better life.

Words cannot describe how amazing and beautiful the SEVEN experience was; I have truly experienced God and now I know what being at peace means.

An amazing experience which helped me find God, new friends and happiness.

Provided me with a safe environment to explore questions about faith and find the answers I needed.

An experience which I hope to carry with me throughout my life.

Life makes a bit more sense now.