25th March 2013

Ezercizzi 2013

About 800 youth attended this year’s Youth Fellowship Ezercizzi called ‘Credo, What You Believe Really Matters’. The dynamic talks delivered by Fr Martin Cilia were very well received. Besides the sermons a number of young people from Youth Fellowship shared their testimonies, giving witness on the difference their faith in Jesus has made in their lives. The prayer times were animated alternately by one of the three bands that serve within the ministry. It was a great joy to see the positive response of so many young people who attended.

Here are a few testimonials we gathered from the participants on the final day.

A week in God’s presence, it was amazing, there was a lot of love and unity amongst the community… it was really nice.

After the Lenten talks I feel closer to God.

After the Lenten talks I feel it opened a new chapter in my life. These are my first Lenten talks and I feel I can see religion in a better way.

After the Lenten talks I realize I want to live a life of prayer.

They were an experience of great faith, where you see a lot of young people experiencing God in a real way, with enthusiasm and joy that only the Lord can give.

Ezercizzi were really nice, they were really encouraging in my Christian walk . They helped me grow in faith and encouraged me to enter into an intimate relationship with God.

They were really down to earth so one can apply them easily to one’s daily life.

Recharge to renew what was started spiritually long ago, thanks to Youth Fellowship.

Seeing God from a totally new perspective

Ezercizzi gave me meaning for the profession of faith (kredu).

they helped me in preparation for Easter.

Very interesting topics relevant to this day and age. I was very satisfied after hearing what Fr Martin had to say.

I came for the first time to these ezercizzi and I was very impressed.

In these ezercizzi I came to realize that you can’t live religion on your own.

My very first experience with Youth Fellowship and these ezercizzi really struck me.

You really get inspired when you attend. It was my very first time here and I truly was inspired.