9th April 2012

Ezercizzi 2012

The Ezercizzi  ‘Losing My Religion, Finding My Faith’, attended by well over 500 youths, was a great opportunity for us to reflect on the important fact that Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with us. External religious observance without genuine faith is lifeless (read more in this article). Both Fr Martin and Fr Elia took the participants through a week long journey of talks which were very well received. Vox pop videos, the results of a scientific survey on spirituality at university of Malta and the testimonies from new members of the community all helped to illustrate the message. Every day our bands led  everyone into a time of prayer which helped the youth to respond to what they had heard in a more significant way . The sessions, available on DVD by calling our office, were as follows:

Session 1: I’m a Baptised Catholic but I’m Not Very Spiritual

Session 2: I believe in God but Disagree with the Church

Session 3: I say my Prayers but God seems Far

Session 4: I Know the Rules but Fail to Keep them

Session 5: I Don’t go Mass because Its Boring

For more photos of the event click here