19th September 2014

ACTS Teens Mission Camp

Since last year’s Mission Camp, the number of teenagers attending our Friday meetings has nearly doubled and the ACTS Teens Team (Timothy) has grown to 39 members. With the growth in quantity, there has also been a leap in quality over this past year on every level. It has been a very exciting and challenging time for all those involved and once again, a experience of God’s love and faithfulness towards us individually, as a team and as a ministry. During the summer months work phase was held at Youth Fellowship offices three times a week for all members of Timothy to pray, plan and prepare forFriday meetings and for Mission Camp: Make It Count! With 85 participants and a total of 120 involved, the experience was once again a milestone in the life of every person.
This twelve day event involved the first 9 weekdays packed with different fun activities, voluntary work, live music, videos, time of sharing, prayer and daily mass to end the day. The final three days were a fully residential and fun filled live-in at the Seminary in Rabat. All in all this experience truly was a life-changing one that gave us all the opportunity to experience God’s personal love in a new way, whilst having fun and building new friendships. Our prayer is that we will remain docile to God’s will for this ministry and that the presence of the Holy Spirit may continue to overflow and reach out to more and more teenagers over the next scholastic year.
Roberta Gauci