14th March 2013

Which Credo Are You?

When Alice in Wonderland asks the Mad Hatter which direction she should go, he asked her where she was heading. She replied that she didn’t know. ‘Then’ said the Mad Hatter ‘any direction will do’.

In the same way, if we do not clearly know our purpose in life, we will more easily get carried away by the various ‘creeds’ which clamour for our attention and maybe even get lost and disillusioned on the way.

Our personal credo is determined by what we believe about the things of life which really matter: freedom, happiness, love, our own value , eternity and so on. And more fundamentally what we believe ultimately depends on who we believe: the fickleness of public opinion? the contradictory philosophies of this world? an a’ la carte spirituality? or God and what He has revealed about His love and truth in Jesus Christ reflected in the Church’s Creed?

But even believing what the Creed says doesn’t necessarily mean that such a profession of faith has become personal, alive and meaningful to me. I may have questions, doubts and fears which are keeping me back. Or maybe I started the journey but I wish to take it deeper. This year’s Ezercizzi ‘Credo, What You Believe Really Matters‘ should help you make the Creed more than a series of statements. We hope that it will be a personal experience which will ignite your faith once again and help you establish which ‘credo are you’. Hope to see you there next week!

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