The Experience of Seven

Published on 15th December 2015
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by Michael Vella - Co-ordinator of Seven 2015

SEVEN 2015 has now come to an end. Over 7 weeks, more than 400 participants embarked on a journey of a discovery of God and how faith really helps us make sense of our lives! During each session we answered 7 questions on the character of God, the meaning of salvation, how to connect in prayer, why the Bible is the Word of God and how to overcome obstacles to our faith.

The course culminated in a live-in weekend at the Mellieha Bay Hotel where the participants experienced God’s love in a new and tangible way especially during the healing prayer session in front of the Blessed Sacrament, where priests were also available for confessions. The same can be said of the session where we all prayed to be filled again with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. We are so thankful to God for the way He fulfilled His promises to meet with us in a new way.

The Team behind Seven was overwhelmed with the positive response of many of the participants. With their permission we have selected just a few of their comments.

Hope they will inspire you!

Some Questions Finally Answered

“During Seven I started to understand how to turn to God for help/support. Also how to pray, some of the questions which I always had were finally answered.”
Amanda, 24, Teacher

A Leap of Faith

“Very informative, entertaining, but most of all, delivers the message clearly. It helped towards making sense of God and His love for us. The weekend was a moment to take a leap of faith in God. In the end, He responded with grace, inner peace and gentlest of storms – a storm which cleansed and brought new life. Metaphors aside, I asked and I truly received.”
Mykel, 23, MEPA

Tailor-made for Doubters

“The fact that it builds from the ground up has helped me develop my faith more thoroughly because it doesn’t take anything for granted. It is a real course for real people: with doubts, fears and complications. Tailor-made for doubters.”

Unexplainable Peace

“The course itself was very well organised and well prepared. It helped me find my path and strengthen my faith as well as familiarise myself with the scripture. The weekend was an unforgettable experience. At the beginning I had doubts. After the Saturday session I felt a peace within myself that I have never experienced before. It is unexplainable.”
Thomas, 25, Student

At the Right Time

“Looking back from where I have started a few weeks ago it seems like I have come a long way. The course gave me a deeper understanding both of myself, my scope in life, and my relationship with God. It came precisely at the right time.”
Mark, 29, Auditor

Motivated to continue the journey of Faith

“I started Seven course knowing very little about God, close to nothing. It was a slow yet effective journey which changed me for the better. The talks made sense and helped me reflect. What I felt was something very personal and very deep.  I gave my problems to God, and God reached out to me and promised to help me. It has motivated me to continue this journey, my personal journey of faith.”
Rachel, 23



“It was very organised. The talks were presented very well and kept you drawn to listening throughout the whole course. All in all it was a great experience and has changed me forever.”
Rebecca, 26, Day Care Teacher

Best Decision of my Life

“A very captivating course that made and continues to make thirst for God increase. The talks always were inspiring and it answered the questions I dwell on daily. Second time round and yet a completely new experience…. Honestly, never made a better decision in my life than to do it again!”
Sophie, 19

Sensed God’s Presence for the First Time

“The course covered questions I have been struggling with for years and reaffirmed my faith and finally dismissed my doubts. The organisation was amazing & the band was incredible…. Sensed the presence of God in my life for the first time and am filled with a new confidence to take forward in my life.”
Frances, 21, Student

Helped in my Decisions

“Professional approach helping in my decisions which was really helpful. Great leaders!!”
Lydin, 19, Office Work Assistant

Happiness again after a period of sadness

78“At first, I was a bit skeptical about coming here. I thought that I would get bored. No need to say I was super wrong. The seven course made me happy and even helped me to eliminate the period of darkness and sadness I was going through. The weekend was just amazing I mean literally, it couldn’t be better. Happiness can’t begin to describe what I felt. One needs to attend in order to truly understand the power or the love of God.”
John, 19, Student

A New sense of holiness and happiness

“Very informative talks about relevant topics. I came with expectations from what others said. I never thought that the session will lead to something so amazing with an awesome sensation that got me closer to God. Giving a sense of holiness and happiness all together.”
Jonathan, 18, Barman

Helpful Weekly Journal

“I found the personal weekly journal very helpful, the small group discussions fruitful and the talks ,inspiring.”
Gabriel, 20, Student

Massive Eye Opener

79“The course was a massive eye opener to me. It was great to see so many people learn the way of God. Although I came cos of my friends, it was still a personal experience.”
Daniel, 18, Student

Profoundly Touched

“It was a very informative, fun and in some ways deep course. I always felt comfortable and almost at home during the talks it was truly an experience that brought great growth in my life … There are no words that can explain how deep and profoundly touched I was through this weekend.”
Cristina, 20, Student

Got to know myself

“I managed to find myself again and build my relationship with God. An opportunity to get know yourself and also to know that God is there for you.”
Matthew, 19, Sales Person


The weekend, which is held after five sessions was the highlight for the course for many.

Spiritual Awakening

73“The seven weekend was the pinnacle of the journey I followed throughout seven. It was here that I witnessed the spiritual awakening of various people close to me. The great highlight however was that I truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. Since then I have been overcome by the feeling of serenity stemming from the presence of God, which gave me the opportunity to get to know myself better and what God wants of me.”
Wilbert, 21, Software Developer

Space to Reach Out to God

“The weekend was amazing. I had the time to experience what it feels like to be close to God, after a very long time. I believe that it gave me the space to reach out to God and connect in prayer.”
Clinton, 24, Student

A Hug from God

“The weekend was an amazing experience. I truly felt God from the first day. I felt him like he was hugging me. I truly deeply appreciate for making this experience possible! Thank you!”
Martha, 18, Student

Taste and See

74“My experience in the weekend was that I see God in a new perspective. I had a taste of God’s love. As the scripture says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” (Ps 34:8)
Michaela, 19, Student

Making Sense of it All

“Going to this weekend was one of the best decisions that I took. I felt that I was finally really seeing and feeling the fruit of the formation from the course. I felt the great feeling of completeness and peace for the first time after years. I realised that I am making sense of it all.”
Rebecca, 20, Student

Best Weekend Break

“It is a course that everyone would be glad that they’ve done it once they attend it. It is a step towards a life filled with peace and having different perspective. I have gone on weekend breaks several times. But all I can say is that the happiness that I experienced in this weekend is the best of them all since it promised me with a ‘new’ kind of happiness that will stay forever in my life.”
Michela, 17, Student

Asking God for forgiveness

77“It led me to challenge my doubts and ask certain questions, the answers to which had made me fearful. So this led me to wanting to truly trust in God. In the weekend I learnt to ask God for forgiveness and for his Holy Spirit. I was filled in abundance! I truly let go of doubts and trust in him.”
Daniel P, 18, Student

Recommended to Others

“The seven course definitely exceeded my expectations. I am very glad that I signed up for it. I enjoyed every part of it, praising God in particular and I was very sad when the weekend was over. I would surely recommend it to others.”
Renee, 18, Student

Personal Encounter With God

“It was an overwhelming experience especially Saturday afternoon. The session was a personal encounter with God.”
Clinton, 28, Teacher