13th October 2012

It’s nearly SEVEN

It’s true for all of us. Our hearts ache for happiness and meaning which are not defined by what we have, what we do and what we achieve. We may not always be aware of it, but to find real satisfaction and holistic fulfillment, there needs to be an interior process happening deep within our hearts. This goes beyond the world of our senses and takes us on a journey where we begin to make sense of ‘it’ all.

But make sense of what? The fundamental questions about what am I doing in this world? what is the real value of my life? why all this suffering? what happens when it all ends? and where does faith and spirituality fit in all this? do they make sense in today’s world?

Next Tuesday evening a good number of young people will be looking at their watches and saying ‘it’s nearly seven’ and will begin to make their way to Gattard for an intro party to Youth Fellowship’s course called ‘SEVEN‘. During the party we will be explaining the course and people will be able to apply there and then if they wish to.

If maybe you have similar questions to the ones above, you might wish to join us. It’s nearly SEVEN… just a few days to go. We’ll be happy to welcome you.