24th April 2013

Filling the void

Captivated by an overwhelming desire for love, acceptance, meaning, happiness and purpose, it is so easy for us to choose a lifestyle which tries to satisfy them at all costs, even in harmful ways! After all, wherever we look around us, there seem to be few alternatives! Yet as the years go by, we recognise a gnawing sense of incompleteness. The relationship we’ve always wanted, the trip abroad we saved up for, the success in our career, the achievement of good grades and a healthy pay check fail to fill the void within us ¬†for any significant period of time. We begin suspect that there may be something missing when we dare face our fears, addictions and relational difficulties. We’ve been searching but maybe not really found what we’ve been looking for.

Easter leading up to Pentecost provides the real answer. Man’s self-inflicted exile from God has been taken care of by Jesus’ death and resurrection. What He now offers us is not just a consoling message or new directions on how to live well. He offers His very own life, a personal relationship, a real communion, an exchange of hearts. Yes I know, all this can sound very theoretical – until we try it, until we seriously and genuinely ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’ (Ps 34:8).

Easter is for Pentecost, the love of God poured into our hearts (Rom 5:5). It is only when we accept that filling the void is a Gift that God alone can give us , that we will ask and receive the life-giving Spirit of God through whom we recognise that we are really His children.

Prayer is the key. Real, genuine, heartfelt prayer. In fact, why not decide to pray every day from now in preparation for Pentecost. The Lord loves to fill the void and transform our live from distance to nearness, from lukewarmness to fervour, from darkness to light, from emptiness to overflowing. Thus we embark and persevere on our journey to eternal life as we seek to obey Him and persevere to the end. Come Holy Spirit and fill the void in our hearts again and again!