Youth Fellowship
Holy Week, the culmination of Lent, is the most important time in the liturgical year. Like many things in life, […]
25 Jun 2015
The days are longer, exam time is over, the heat very much felt and a time of unwinding and resting […]
23 May 2015
When we visited Ethiopia on our recent mission, we found that the electricity goes off often. So recharging your mobile, […]
23 May 2015
Gone are the days when I used maps when we are driving abroad. Our GPS device not only helps us […]
28 Mar 2015
Maybe many of us have been told something unpleasant but at the same time, whoever it was who was telling […]
For anyone even slightly familiar with the Bible, the name ‘Exodus’ evokes images of the Israelites being freed from slavery […]
18 Feb 2015
The message of the 40 days of Lent is the antithesis of the message of the raunchy pseudo-romantic film released in 2015.