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The 2 greatest decisions to take

Published on 19th September 2017
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It’s great to fall in love with someone but it won’t last very long if you never meet and communicate.

Decide to Respond

In a similar way, the first and most important decision you will ever take in your life is not your career, where you will live or what gadget you will buy.

Its whether in faith you will respond to God’s offer of love, friendship and salvation through Jesus Christ.

For many people, Catholics included, God is like the moon. He is there but not here. A distant cosmic being who makes no real difference to my life in a tangible way but only in some indirect way.

But Jesus didn’t save us to have a group of mediocre people who just try to avoid some sins here and there… and if it is not too much inconvenience for them, to give some money or time to charity.

He invites you into friendship, into intimacy with Him.


Decide to Pray

So the second most important decision you will take is to pray daily.

In every relationship communication has different expressions – speaking, listening, asking, hugging.

So prayer has many aspects since it is a dialogue between two persons (unequal) – petition, intercession, meditation, praise, worship, adoration.

The promise we have is ‘Draw near to God and He will draw near to you’ (James 4:6) because prayer is meeting with a God who is already waiting for you.