15th December 2014

Has Baby Jesus Been Stolen from your Crib?

Christmas is fast approaching and, as usual, the streets and roundabouts in various places in Malta have been decorated with lights, stars, Christmas trees and Nativity ornaments. In the more recent years, Baby Jesus had been stolen from various spots on a number of occasions. I’m not sure whether it was someone’s warped sense of humour or a vicious rebellion to the true sense of Christmas; but, in any case, it upset me to see an empty crib.

This Advent I was thinking: “will someone steal Baby Jesus again?” However, as I was praying, I took this question to a deeper level as I asked myself: “is someone or something stealing my Baby Jesus from my crib?” My first instinct and think: “as if I would let that happen! ”  It is easy to imagine the ‘crib’ of a person living far from the Lord. Jesus would be replaced by indifference and an endless list of sinful actions. However, after a few honest thoughts I realised that my crib sometimes may not necessarily be any better.

Recently, I have been passing through a very busy time involving many changes in my life. I have read that if the devil cannot make you sin he will make you busy. I have found this to be true on various occasions.

So, looking at my crib, amongst the straw I could see a whole list of errands, a busy work schedule, stress, revision lists for the boys, along with my community life, meetings and a whole lot of other things. I realised how easy it is to crowd Jesus out. Ironically, some of the things that had come to steal my peace were good things in themselves, even gifts from the Lord. However, when given the wrong priority they were robbers nonetheless.

Therefore  I decided to do something about it by putting things into the right order of priority. I need Jesus to be first in my heart and mind and Lord of my life in all circumstances.

“Seek first his kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you”
Matt 6:33

This is what I understand by “putting CHRIST back into Christmas.” Advent is a great  time to start.

Maybe we should be asking ourselves too: What about my crib? Has anyone stolen my baby Jesus?!

by Helga Consiglio