8 Little Known Facts…

..about Youth Fellowship

Published on 3rd March 2017
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Here’s 8 little known facts about Youth Fellowship


  1. Throughout our history YF was held in at least 6 different locations until we settled in what we call ‘Gattard’ downstairs’.

  3. In the first YF meetings from March 1987 about 35 people plus the organisers attended. But by the summer of that year the number had dwindled so much that serious thought was given to closing it down. We are glad that the decision to keep at it was taken.

  5. Our largest Lenten Retreat called Come and See was attended by over 700 people way back in 2001 in Hal Ferh. On Friday morning of the retreat two inmates had escaped from prison and hid in the complex, being recaptured in time to start the retreat without any drama.

  7. Our YF Office came in two versions. The first one on Tower Road in Sliema was lent to us for a year or so. Through the generosity of our benefactor we ended up staying there for 10 years until we moved to our present premises in Blata l-Bajda.

  9. YF Office has been resident to two cats in its history. One went by the more Biblical name of Moses, now long deceased, and the present one who goes by the more traditional name of Kitty.

  11. Different versions of the Worship Bands of YF have recorded 6 albums in all.

  13. The idea of cenacolo small groups was imported directly from a group in Sicily where we had been invited to give some talks. Back home, members of the first service Team resisted the proposal at first. Again we’re glad that finally all the Team decided to go for it.

  15. Mimes were very much the trend in past times… including our past.