Read Luke 9:37-45

Focal Verse

But they did not understand what this meant. It was hidden from them, so that they did not grasp it, and they were afraid to ask him about it.

Luke 9:45

Bible Study

Jesus once again finds a large crowd, as he returns from the mountain of transfiguration.  Before turning to Jesus, the father begged his disciples to drive out an evil spirit from his only son.  Even though Jesus had indeed given the twelve power over demons, they could not drive it out.  After the miracle, Jesus makes another passion prediction to his disciples which they fail to understand.   The disciples’ need for further growth and training is emphasised in these two incidents, which highlight their present inability to fulfil their mission and their incomprehension of Jesus’ mission.  

Reflection and Application

This passage shows that the apostles still have to continue growing in faith so as to be able to comprehend and be open to the power that Jesus has given them. Jesus’ chosen apostles and disciples were not a model of perfection but of a process - which is very encouraging to each and every one of us.  Discipleship is something intensely dynamic. It implies movement and transformation as the disciple deepens his friendship with Christ and becomes ever more like Him.  One big advantage we have is that our rabbi, Jesus, dwells within us. He’s not just an example to imitate from the outside like other rabbis. Through sanctifying grace we really have the life of Christ abiding in us, prompting us, strengthening us and helping us to live more like him.


Jesus, I ask for the grace to fill us with your very own life so that we begin to be moulded and transformed into your very own likeness - by becoming more patient, generous, compassionate and sacrificial like you.  Grant us the grace to like Saint Paul be able to say, “It’s no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.” (Galatians 2:20)

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