Read Luke 8:19-21

Focal Verse

He replied, “My mother and brothers are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice.

Luke 8:21

Bible Study

Jesus’ teaching on hearing and acting on His Word continues with this verse.  The arrival of his mother and his brothers leads him to teach also about his true family - his new family of disciples, those like the Twelve and the women who have heard his word and responded.  Scripture reveals God’s plan for each one of us, namely to have an intimate relationship with Him as a Father and with each other as brothers and sisters.  We are called to be part of God’s family . The Catechism says that “the church is nothing other than the ‘family of God’” (CCC 1655).

Key Word: "Brother (Adelphos in Greek)"

The Greek term adelphos is used not only for “brother” but also for extended family members such as a “cousin” and a “nephew”.  The Catholic Church similarly understands the new Testament references to Jesus’ brothers.  They are not children of Mary, who remained a virgin, but other close relatives of Jesus such as cousins.

Reflection and Application

We are all called to experience the Church as a family. Tours bring tourists together, pilgrimages form a community of brothers and sisters.


Lord use this pilgrimage as an opportunity to experience the beauty of being part of the Community.  Teach me how to be sensitive and how to be of help  to my fellow brothers and sisters throughout this pilgrimage.

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