Putting Down Our Roots

Read Luke 8:6,13

Focal Verse

"Some fell on rock, and when it came up, the plants withered because they had no moisture"

Luke 8:6

Bible Study

This second soil type is very rocky which prevents the seeds from taking root due to lack of moisture. Unlike the first type, the seeds did grow a little but soon withered away. Jesus uses this to illustrate the fact that even a strong spiritual experience does not guarantee perseverance and fruitfulness. Indeed many people walked with Him in the streets of Galilee and Jerusalem, heard His preaching and were healed - but this didn’t mean that all actually became disciples.

In the same way, today many people in  their initial enthusiasm welcome the word of God into their lives but they base their faith on feelings. When these diminish, they quickly fall away. The main reason is that they do not develop a genuine prayer life where they come to know the Lord in a deeper way. When times of difficulty come their way, their faith is shaken and they become lukewarm.


"Lord thank you for the nudges of your Presence in my life. However I ask you to help me remember that the Christian disciple lives by faith and not by feelings, and that my faith can only grow and deepen in personal communion with you and in communal and liturgical prayer".

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