Jesus As He Is

Read Luke 7:18-35

Focal Verse

"Blessed is the man who does not fall away (skandalizo ) on account of me."

Luke 7:23

Bible Study

In these verses we find Jesus elaborating on the role of John the Baptist with the ministry of Jesus in the sections. In the first section (verses 18-23) Jesus answers the question that John’s disciples put to Him ‘Are you the one to come?’. John had preached that the coming Messiah would also come in judgement but it seems that Jesus was ‘only’ preaching, reaching out, healing and setting people free from demons and not releasing them from the tyranny and injustice that surrounded them. However judgement would eventually come. The Pharisee for example, by reading to prepare themselves by heeding John the Baptist’s preaching and being baptised, ‘rejected God’s plan for them’ (vs 30). They would only have themselves to blame for the coming judgement as indeed is true of anybody who refuses the Lord and chooses to live as they want.

Key Word: "skandalizo"

The word comes from the Greek ‘skandalon' which was a stick or a rock that would make an animal trip and fall into a trap. Many people then and now do not accept Jesus as he really is but as they want Him to be. When faced with His exclusive assertion that He is the only way to the Father, His call to radical conversion and the Gospel’s high moral demands, people find this as a stumbling block and even falls way from the the faith.


"Lord help me embrace you as You have revealed yourself. Let me not be shaken when I hear the challenge you put before me to repent and follow you even when it is difficult and it goes against what the world around me is telling me".

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