Say the Word

Read Luke 7:1-10

Focal Verse

"Say the Word and my servant will be healed."

Luke 7:6

Bible Study

First note how many things Jesus and the centurion have in common: they both have authority, they are both compassionate asking something for others, they both spoke in parables.

What stands out is the centurion’s profound and simple faith, so much that it has been immortalized in the liturgy.  Wouldn’t it be great if we amazed Jesus with our faith.

"God marvels - admires, rejoices, is taken aback - when he finds in man a faith that corresponds precisely, in word and deed, to what God wants to give us" (Erasmo Leiva, Heart of the Word, p.333).

This incident happened in Caphernaum, where we will soon be visiting and asking the Lord for the same faith the centurio had so many years ago.

Key Word: "Say"

The power of God’s word is recognised by the centurion as the same word with which God created the universe and re-creates fallen man.


Lord give me more faith to really correspond precisely, in word and deed, to what You want to give me.

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