We all know what it feels like to be thirsty in summer. But we have a deeper thirst.

Science has come a long way in figuring out how the universe was made but it has not been able to answer why it was created. We all know how human life comes about but not many have figured out why we are living here in the first place! So we create our own goals. The problem is that after a while things get boring, dreams pass away, life presents us with difficulties and then we become more dissatisfied and confused. Deep down we yearn for someone to interpret us, to understand us, to love us and to answer the question: why all this?

Many people try to satisfy this thirst by drinking 'salt water'. If you are caught out at sea without food and drink, and in desperation drink gulps of sea water it will make matters much worse - you will get thirstier and it will eventually kill you. In an attempt to feel better many young people turn to drugs, drink and casual sex. Yeah, you guessed...salt water... it leaves you thirstier than ever before.

Others also move to another level and join the global rat race: Career, studies, success, popularity and we're running, running running. Not that these things are wrong in themselves - it's just that they just don't satisfy in the long run. Even if I win this rat race and come out on top I still feel kinda like a rat.

So some others move to the save the world level ... save the forests, save the poor, save the whales  .... it feels good when we give ourselves to a worthy cause, when we get involved in trying to protect the environment, to correct the injustices around us ...but after a while you come to realise .... all this does not save me still does not satisfy my deep inner search for happiness, a real reason for living, an authentic sense of peace.

For some sadly it stops here. However many others all over the world have discovered a new level, drinking fresh clean H20. Since we are 'spirits with a body' we remain deeply dissatisfied if our spiritual life is not as it should be.  All over the world many young people are experiencing a new, dynamic personal relationship with God in Jesus Christ who came to give us what no other can. Rightly related to Him, we find our deep thirst for happiness and truth beginning to be quenched as He once told a samaritan woman He met by a well: “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst.  John 4:13

So start today drinking this life-giving water that wells up into eternal life. Then we can love others as God really wants us to and we will be able to draw from His own love in our hearts. Then as we give ourselves to a worthy cause, it will be according to God's will and wisdom.

Here are some steps you can take:

Begin by asking Jesus sincerely to come into your heart, to forgive your sins and to enable you to see the truth. Approach the sacrament of reconciliation to receive the assurance of forgiveness and the joy of a clean conscience.

Start to set aside some time of prayer everyday. Jesus Himself tells us ' If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink'  John 7:37. Here you will find some hints that will help you pray.

Read the bible, especially the Psalms and the Gospels to start with. You will find much of what Jesus has to say and what He wants to do for you in the Word of God.

Find a group where you will be able to nurture your relationship with God and to worship Him with others. Stay tuned on the website to find out more about a new course that YWAV will be organising starting in October.

If you need any help do contact us!
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