Cenacolo Community

The Cenacolo Community is a covenant community which was established in 1992 and is based in Malta. It is a transgenerational community made up of over 300 people from different walks of life: families with kids, teenagers, young adults, singles and young married couples.

The reason the Community exists is summed up in our mission statement ‘Sharing God’s love and truth’. Through various Ministries and Teams, the Community outreaches to teens, youth, adults and young engaged couples preparing for marriage.

“Sharing God’s love and truth”

The Community’s main outreach is to youth and many people would be in fact more familiar with the name Youth Fellowship.

Although our various ministries have their own sub teams, outreach meetings, programs and events, they form part of the same Community which meets together regularly to worship God, for spiritual formation, liturgical celebrations and for fellowship events. In this way we live the richness of our ‘unity in diversity’.

The community’s Leadership Team and Council are also responsible for giving pastoral care, spiritual companionship and the general oversight of the community. Many of them also lead one of the numerous Cenacolo small groups which every member belongs to. We believe that ‘healthy cells’ make a ‘healthy body’ so the over 20 Cenacoli meet once a month for Bible study, prayer and to encourage each other in their walk with Jesus.

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