11th October 2014

7 questions, 7 sessions, 7 weeks

Now gearing up for its fourth year, SEVEN has left a great impact in the lives of over 600 people who have attended the course in the last three years.

This 7 step journey runs over 7 week and seeks to answer 7 common questions in each of the sessions. As we look at the world around and inside us we know things should be different. Many young people have unanswered questions relating to faith, life and spirituality which weigh on their hearts and which effect their quality of life, relationships, emotions, their present and their future. Indeed the greatest tragedy is to pass all our courses but fail Life.

This course is subtitled ‘making sense of it all‘ because it encourages us to face our real questions and doubts and helps us to grasp the answers by faith and reason. But it doesn’t stop there. Its ultimate aim is to lead the participants to a new and deeper experience of God. So many youth are tired of superficial living, of a YOLO outlook on life, even of mere external religious ritual… there must be something more, something more profound, something more eternal.

So we invite you to go the the SEVEN page to find out more. Not sure whether you would like to do the course or not? Why not come to the pre-party on Tuesday 14th October where we will be explaining the course in more detail. You will also be able to apply on that day. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

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